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It has been a year of uncommon achievements for CROWN MARITIME ACADEMY, CMA of Nigeria which the Commonwealth of 53 nations of the world recognized as a CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE on Thursday, 14th August, 2014 in London.

Crown Maritime Academy, CMA is a basic career academy that has the main target of reviving the collapsing elements within and re-building human capacity for Nigeria’s maritime macro-economy in the twenty-first century! Since the Academy was born on Monday, 3rd January, 2011 as a Vocational and Technical Education institution, and got approval of the Corporate Affairs Commission to offer academic and professional Training programmes in Maritime Transport Management under CAMA (Act No 1) of 1990 on Thursday, 9th February, 2012, “not a year has been spent without a remarkable progress!”
“We started as and are still a non-profit-making institution” and so, we have got to put-up with a lot of challenges up till now.” How then has CMA Nigeria been able to keep going on low tution fees? “We know that if we don’t give up, we shall surely break-even, more-so as the few students that have passed through the institution could not boast of any other Academy where academic soundness and professional skillfulness could be achieved with just-in-time delivery than as it obtains at CMA”.                                    

That incontrovertibly, the Academy is poised to achieve her maritime mandate, she has equally striven hard to bridge the gap between the rich and poor public by offering qualitative courses in Social and Management Sciences which makes CMA the surest alternative route to polytechnic/university education for our youths and other seekers of study programmes at higher institutions of learning across and from outside Nigeria.

In 2013, Crown Maritime Academy, CMA wrote the Minister of Education on the National Vocational Qualifications’ Framework, NVQF approved by the Federal Executive Council, and pledged readiness to further her partnership with the Federal authorities to smoothly and successfully assure functional educational qualifications, regulations, standards, control and compliance.

As far as 2014 achievements could be briefed, an Academy that looks forward to her third (3rd) Convocation in 2015 sees the inevitability of integrity and transparency right from infancy to have made such marks. She counts some three successes achieved in quick succession, this year alone…!!!

  1. On Thursday,14thAugust,2014,the Commonwealth Secretariat in London,based on its research (conducted by the Nexus Strategic Partnerships Ltd)contacted CMA Nigeria appreciating her commitment to excellence in her entire on- and off-line network.

The information from London invited Crown Maritime Academy to the membership of the Commonwealth Education Partnerships (CEP) because of CMA’s “proud contribution to quality education delivery in Nigeria and her commitment to contributing to, and benefitting from, the sustainable globalization of education and research”. Today, as it is barely two to three months of the contact, the News is that CROWN MARITIME ACADEMY, adjudged a Centre Of Excellence by the COMMONWEALTH OF NATIONS, has been globally-positioned among the most-recognized and research-oriented, prestigious and promising universities across the world!!!
Incredible!!! In the Commonwealth Education Partnerships,2014/15,Official Publication Of Commonwealth Education Ministers (CMA’s copy was delivered to its Main Campus, Ogba-Lagos on 27/10/2014), the 300 pages global education authority work-book featured the infant institution: Crown Maritime Academy, CMA on page 201!!! If it is a blessing for us to have been recognized, then it is divine! Why? Our Nigerian neighbours in the global volume for education policy and decision-makers are, the COVENANT UNIVERSITY, Otta that came on page 200 and, REDEEMER’S UNIVERSITY which occupied page 202.


2. On Thursday, 30th October,2014,a virgin news-magazine,CROWN MARITIME NEWS was delivered as published, and started to circulate!!! Crown Maritime News emerged as a strategic information platform and had its first edition sponsored entirely by the Crown Maritime Academy,CMA.


Muted as an intellectual and societal news-magazine,Crown Maritime News second and subsequent editions shall be published and marketed by MAGA & Associates, a firm of publishers and education support-service providers.
Among other things, the Mission of Crown Maritime News is to Publish and popularize the intellectual disciplines in transportation by engaging people-oriented, innovative and techno-economical skills. And, the new newsmagazine has its Motto as Transportation education communication and socialization. The magazine will carry academic, professional and societal news, interviews, features, columns, advertisements, book reviews and classified information.


3. On Tuesday, 5th November, 2014, the Academy received the Nigeria Merchant Navy Officers who came on a fact-finding scheduled visit. The gallant officials, three in number, were warmly welcomed on behalf of the Academic/Governing Board of the Academy by its Registrar, Mr. M.A.G.Akinyemi.


After a marathon meeting in the Office Of The Registrar, they were conducted round the few facilities of the Academy, concluding that CMA has not done below expectation, assessing by her age, at three. Provisionally, Crown Maritime Academy, CMA Nigeria has been accepted into the Merchant Navy family!

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Main Campus :- Dominion College
54/56, Aje Street, Pleasure Bus-Stop,
Off Lagos-Abeokuta Express Road, Iyana-Ipaja, Lagos


Tel: +2349091138377; +2348077383035; +2348107274244

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